The Rotary Club of San Carlos annually presents scholarships to deserving High School Seniors and current post secondary education students. Applicants must be residents of San Carlos and must complete an application and appear for an interview. Applications are judged on the basis of academic achievement and financial need.  In addition, factors to be considered are pursuit of specific vocational goals, and evidence of service to the community, church or school.  Students who are highly motivated but may not have achieved top grades should be encouraged to apply. We also encourage students who may be considering furthering their education through junior colleges or trade schools to apply.

In order to be eligible, the applicant must `



You may submit a hard copy of the application and transcripts to:

Cameron Miller
1313 Laurel Street, Suite 114, San Carlos, California 94070

No later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 30, 2018.

We will then schedule interviews with the applicants to be held in early May and, hopefully, will complete the award process by the middle of May.

Applications are available through most area high school and college financial aid officers, the San Carlos Youth Center or may be obtained by contacting the scholarship chair at the club's mailing address, PO Box 515, San Carlos, California 94070.  


The application is also available online. If you would like to fill out the application online, click on all of the following boxes to confirm your eligibility. After the application appears, fill it out and submit it.

I confirm that:

I will

DO YOU KNOW - that here are other scholarships available in San Carlos which can help students amass a larger amount or, if they don't receive ours, they might be able to receive another.

San Carlos Chamber:
San Carlos Kiwanis Club:
San Carlos Lions Club: (use email for info)
City of San Carlos Youth Advisory Council:

Letters from recipients

November 11, 2005

I enjoyed meeting you all. You greatly exceeded my expectations of what rotary club members would be! I did not expect to find men wearing colorful shirts joking-that was a relief to me. To my delight I met men and women who were warm, funny, kind, full of life, but most importantly, were giving and sincere.

It feels good to know that in a society as large and diverse as ours, there are still communities like yours. People who get together to play, share meals, and a few good laughs, and on the way they work together to help other people succeed. It seems like a simple concept, but one that is often forgotten these days. To me you are not just a scholarship, you are an inspiration.

To know that somebody actually took the time to raise money so one day somebody like me, whom you had never met, could go to school- that completely fills my heart with warmth. Where I come from things like this don't happen, so please know that your efforts and your contribution to my education will not be forgotten or be taken lightly. Hopefully, one day, I too, would be able to inspire and help somebody the way you have inspired and empowered me. Please know that I mean every one of these words and that the work you do is meaningful and of great importance.

I do want to apologize for the tardiness of my letter. Going to school, working and family responsibilities can sometimes be a bit much. Thanks to your contribution, I am able to attend school full time this year. So far, it has been quite challenging to attend the University, but at the same time I am excited to be here.

Thanks for empowering people like me through higher education.

May 26, 2005

Thank you so much for the scholarship in the amount of $1000. I am so grateful and very honored to be awarded this money. It would take me a long time to earn and save this much money for school tuition. I am just so thankful that you chose me and I am planning to do my best at the California Culinary Academy, so that all members of the Committee feels it was the right decision in investing in my future. I am looking forward to the luncheon on June 3rd, 2005, so that I can thank you personally.


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